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Divine Providence Lithuanian Catholic Parish


Pastoral Council and Commissions

Catholic Church and Cultural Center - 25335 West Nine Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48033

Pastoral Council and Commissions


The Divine Providence Lithuanian Catholic Parish Pastoral Council complies with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and the 1969 Detroit Archdiocesan Synod, in working together with the parish Pastor, Lithuanian Bishops Conference delegate for Lithuanians abroad, the South Oakland Vicariate and the Archdiocese of Detroit. The primary role of the Pastoral Council is to assist the Pastor in striving to grow together, as one in Christ, in charity, love and justice.
The Pastoral Council determines the needs of the parish and its parishioners. Every year it defines parish objectives in compliance with the goals of the Archdiocese to ensure that the parish fulfills its spiritual and social mission. The Pastoral Council coordinates and approves the objectives and activities of the four Council Commissions which are responsible for the implementation of the outlined plans.
Divine Providence Lithuanian Catholic Parish Pastoral Council consists of thirteen members: the Pastor, four representatives from Council Commissions, seven members representing seven organizations active in the parish, and one member elected by the general parish meeting.
Parish Commissions constitute the implementing body of the Parish Council. There are four Commissions: Worship, Education, Christian Service, and Stewardship (Administration).
Worship Commission
Works closely with the Pastor finding organists, cantors, lectors, ushers, and those who decorate the church. Oversees the preparation of alter servers. Insures the integrity of the liturgical calendar by planning and implementing appropriate liturgies in concert with Lithuanian traditions—all to uplift us spiritually and worship God appropriately.
Education Commission
Works closely with the Pastor preparing new parishioners and candidates for the sacraments. Promotes programs that strengthen faith and Christian values. Organizes retreats and other activities that nurture the spiritual growth of the young and old of the parish.
Christian Service Commission
Works closely with the Pastor visiting the sick of the parish and assisting the homebound or those with disabilities. Organizes social events for the elderly. Strives to include newly arrived immigrants. Organizes fundraisers and determines where financial assistance is most needed.
Stewardship Commission

Works with the Pastor to discern, manage and effectively utilize parish finances and resources, including parishioners’ time, talents and skills. Encourages volunteering among parishioners. Maintains the parish facilities; oversees repairs and improvements. Administers the CSA (Catholic Services Appeal) campaign, and assists in fundraising and planned gift giving efforts.